Realtime Conditions in Galway Bay

Collected on this page are the live feeds from various observation platforms around Galway Bay.

Marine Traffic in Galway Bay

Notes on the data sources.

The Marine Institute is located at Galway Bay in Ireland.

Ship Map
Vessels in Galway Bay that have an AIS
transponder appear in the Ships Map.
This data is supplied by a third party.
Weather Station and Web Cam
These are located on the the Marine Institute.
The weather data is published by a third party.
Marine Institute (MI) Data Server
Much of the data on the website is served
by a MI data server. Data on this server
can be accessed via URI's (web links).
MI Server

Web Cam located at Marine Institute.

This view is northwards from the Marine Institute towards Galway city.

Weather Station at Marine Institute

The weather station is located on the roof of the Marine Institute.

Tide Gauge at Galway Port

Weather Buoy, Deep Atlantic

Located about 400km west of Galway city.